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Friday June 28th, 2024

5 places you have to visit in PLOVDIV

Plovdiv is the city with the soul of an artist and art can be seen at every corner.

Located in heart of the city, Grand Hotel Plovdiv has a fantastic location so you can walk to some of the most beautiful places!


Just 5 minutes away from the hotel you will find yourself on the “Main Street” or “Knyaz Alexander Battenberg I”, which used to be called “Uzun Bazaar” (Long Street). Now you can immerse yourself in “Aylaka” (A word describing the easygoing state of mind and mood that can be found in Plovdiv). You can explore the beautiful architecture of the authentic Bulgarian buildings, the impressive small details, and the picturesque historical excavation sites. Don’t forget to visit the “Roman Stadium”, that divides the main street in two parts. You can also enjoy numerous places for recreation and shopping whilst promenading though the street.


Another place near Grand Hotel Plovdiv is Kapana (which means “The Trap”). The neighborhood is a labyrinth of small streets named – Zhelezarska, Kozhuharska, Abadzhiyska, Zlatarska, etc. “Kapana” is the bohemian part of the city of Plovdiv – combining art and social life, with its small galleries, live music venues, wonderful restaurants, bars, street art and craft shops. This is the place that will immerse you in the spirit of Plovdiv, you better not miss it!


15 minutes away from the hotel you will be transported to the past, when you reach the “Old Town of Plovdiv”. It is located on top of three hills – Nebet Tepe, Jambaz Tepe, and Taksim Tepe. Walking along the paved streets, we are immersed into another era, and every corner carries a tale from the past! These houses belonged to Plovdiv’s elite.  Today they have been turned into historical house-museums. Apart from them, you can also explore churches, temples, impressive fortress walls, pagan temples, thermal baths, and aqueducts.


And of course, your walk there won’t be complete without the “Ancient Theater” – the best preserved ancient theater in the world. It held about 6,000 spectators and was used for theatrical performances, as well as gladiatorial and hunting games. Because of its unique architecture and wonderful acoustics, the building has been adapted for the modern cultural life of Plovdiv and it hosts various performances for about 3,500 spectators.


On a 25-minute walk away from Grand Hotel Plovdiv, we reach the beautiful “City Garden”, which is near the “Main Street”. “Tsar Simeonova” garden is the ideal place to enjoy nature combined with the urban landscape. You can also see many monuments of Bulgarian spiritual leaders, contemporary sculptors, compositions, and other prominent figures. In the evening you can also enjoy the magic of the “Singing Fountains”. The fountains can shoot water up to 20 meters in the air, and the melodies that sound from the water facility are mainly works of famous classical musicians. The “City Garden” has been declared a monument of park art.


This is only a small part of the beauty that is combined into the oldest  living city in Europe, we advise you to choose Plovdiv for your next vacation and we guarantee that you will fall in love with it!

With Grand Hotel Plovdiv, you will find a cozy place for your stay and a convenient location for a starting point of your wonderful holiday in the city! We are expecting you!

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