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Friday July 30th, 2021

How to organize your luggage for travel effectively

1. Make a list.

The complete list for packing will make you feel calm and feel confident, that you packed everything needed. If this works fine with you, you could create a main list and edit it depending on the different trips you make.

2. Roll or vacuum-pack your clothes.

This will help prevent creases and give you more space in your suitcase. Be sure to fold items that may crease easily though.

3.Keep your cloths fresh.

For this purpose, you could put a few drops of essential oil on a handkerchief and put it over your clothes.

4.Buy your bath cosmetics in small portable bottles.

5.Don’t forget to take the most necessary medicine, just in case.

6.Weigh your luggage.

You don’t want to get to the airport and find that you’ve packed too much and have to spend a fortune on excess-baggage fees. Make sure you weigh your luggage before you leave the house to check it is within the limit.

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