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Thursday November 7th, 2019

Accident Free Conference at Grand Hotel Plovdiv

Canva - Firemen Blowing Water on Fire - Aneliq Belinova

A conference with the exhibition area will be held on November 14 – 15, 2019 at the Grand Hotel Plovdiv.

NO Accidents is an international business forum organized by the Via Expo in Paris Conference Hall of  Grand Hotel Plovdiv. It  present new solutions for accident prevention, reliable maintenance of buildings and facilities, protection of people and the environment. Speakers and exhibitors from reputable associations and leading companies from 7 countries will participate. Topics and product highlights: fire alarms, hazardous gas and leakage detection, restoration and reinforcement of buildings and structures, evacuation announcements, microclimate analysis, video surveillance, personal protective equipment, infrared thermography, energy monitoring, project financing and certification. NO Accident is aimed at representatives of the Bulgarian industry, who will have an excellent opportunity to learn how to minimize risk, increase their profitability by avoiding unforeseen costs. Via Expo provides discounts for group attendance and entry to the exhibition area is free. The event will take place from November 14 to November 15. For more information: Via Expo–

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